Private Tutoring

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Private Tutoring only $29 for 30-minute sessions!

Private tutoring is available in-person or online!


Learn Arithmetic Basics from basic facts to the pythagorean theorem

If your child is struggling with math, private tutoring with our experienced teachers can help tremendously.

Your child can receive tutoring in-person or online at The Learning Station!

We have a variety of stress-free learning methods and activities to help your child develop math fact fluency and skills that will ensure their success.


Cursive & Creative Writing

Does your child struggle with writing? Bring them to The Writing Pad here at The Learning Station!

Your child will learn and develop their writing skills with private tutoring sessions by completing fun activities and practice.

Visual Literacy (charts, maps, graphs and reference materials)

We can help your child develop visual literacy skills that can help them read and understand charts, maps, graphs, and more.
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Math Fact Fluency Tutoring

Chances are if your child is struggling with math, they need to work on math fact fluency.

For one low flat fee, we will work with your child online or in-person until they achieve math fact fluency.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us so that we can work out a schedule and ensure this service is right for you.

$149 - Addition and Subtraction

$199 - Multiplication and Division

Where we count the stars and measure the heavens.